CDC Whistleblower report on CNN iReport censored

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CDC Whistleblower Reveals Vaccine-Autism Link

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It’s time that all military and financial aid is cut off to Israel. If they are concerned about “peace” they will have to get along with their neighbors and give back all the land they have stolen. Otherwise, sanctions should be applied, yesterday.

Originally posted on Desertpeace:

We call for a final end to the crimes and oppression against us. We call for:

  • Arms embargos on Israel, sanctions that would cut off the supply of weapons and military aid from Europe and the United States on which Israel depends to commit such war crimes;
  • Suspension of all free trade and bilateral agreements with Israel such as the EU-Israel Association agreement;
  • Boycott, divestment and sanctions, as called for by the overwhelming majority of Palestinian civil society in 2005


Palestinians mourn victims of Israeli air strikes in Gaza City, 12 July.  (Mohammed Asad / APA images)

We Palestinians trapped inside the bloodied and besieged Gaza Strip call on conscientious people all over the world to act, protest and intensify the boycotts, divestments and sanctions against Israel until it ends this murderous attack on our people and is held to account.

With the world turning their…

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ABC Airs Gaza Bombing Devastation Images – Says It’s In Israel

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Write down PressTV IP Address:

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In case ICANN is successful in “blackout out” Iran from the web so USrael can attack them in relative secrecy, people need to write this IP address down and forward it to anyone and everyone they can:

How Washington and its Allies Use Social Media to Topple Governments & Manipulate Public Opinion

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