Open Letter To Rite Aid Regarding Pharmacy Policies Re: Narcotic Pain Medication

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This is a letter I wrote to Rite-Aid after being refused a stronger pain medication refill by their store in Twentynine Palms, CA.



I am writing because I tried to fill an Rx for a pain medicine. My doctor changed the strength because the current dose is not strong enough. I was told I couldn’t fill it until the end of the month because of I currently have a prescription of the weaker strength of this medicine. It seems your pharmacists are more concerned with the DEA threatening to pull their licenses than tending to their customers. Your store policy seems to bow down to the DEA and their full-on policy of bullying legitimate pain sufferers and their healthcare providers rather than trying to stop illegal drugs from entering the country, which has historically been the DEA mandate. I am sick and tired of being pushed around by bureaucrats who have no business inserting themselves between me and my physician and pharmacist. One of your pharmacists at 29 Palms actually treats the customers as if they are criminals and that is totally out of line and unacceptable, he should be fired immediately for harassing and attempting to intimidate customers on behalf of the DEA. Before you give me a canned response, please take the time to read this article:

This is an alarming trend which needs to be reversed by patients, doctors, pharmacists and their employers getting involved and fighting back together against an out of control, unconstitutional federal government.

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