What is it you want?

Everybody wants something.  Some want something like this, others something like this, or even this.  There may even be a few who want this; who am I to judge?  What I want is pretty simple:  A home in some rural place far from the crowds, smog and crime, a place where I can plant my food, raise my animals and bring up my children without being harassed by Big Brother (or Big Sister) over everything that I do, say or think.  This is considered by many to be not very ambitious or attractive.  I mean, who wouldn’t want to live in a ridiculous McMansion surrounded by virtually identical McMansions, eating your McShitburger and drinking your 850 ounce Super Size coke with Extra High-Fructose Corn Syrup?  “Why bother to plant crops?  Monsanto will do it for me!”  You may want to rethink that attitude as the permanent collapse of the fractional reserve banking system looms and just-in-time delivery becomes “what-the-fuck-am-I-going-to-do-for food?”  The proverbial butt-berries are   rapidly approaching the point of collision with the oscillating cooling device and when that happens, in addition to a shopping cart you’ll need to bring along some new accessories to the market, at least within the 3 days (probably much less) it will take for the shelves to become empty.  I don’t need to be convinced of the wisdom of a rural lifestyle, but for those who think it’s too boring to live in the country and too much work to produce your own food, you might want to dig this out of the memory hole and consider it for a while.  Coming soon to your McNeighborhood.  This is not some crazy “conspiracy theory” (the standard derogatory term thrown wildly at anyone who questions the narrative of the pathologically insane who rule over the intellectually hypnopompic herds), it’s pretty much just around the corner.  Will you procrastinate and just hope the government will provide you with food, water and shelter (reference Katrina above)?  You don’t have to go crazy about it, but seriously it’s not too hard to prepare a bit.  Buy enough supplies for at least a month.  Large bottles of water (3 gallons per day per person is generally a good rule), dried goods like beans and rice and don’t forget a propane/Coleman fluid type stove and fuel so you can cook in an emergency.  Have a basic first-aid kit and consider arming yourself.  When there’s no food and the government doesn’t come to help you, people are going to be even less polite than they are now, they will come and get what they need and want when they realize the cops have all scurried away to protect their own families.

It’s better to get out of the big city before TSHTF, but you can prepare wherever you are.  Like I said, what I want is pretty simple and it’s the simple (basic) stuff that will keep you alive.  Don’t forget the most important preparation.  Make the Creator of All Life your first priority.  Seek out the ineffable.  Realize that as much as you prepare, you’re still an immortal soul in a temporary body and you will die someday, we all will.  This is definitely not all there is, so seek out God/Universe/Great Spirit, the name is not as important as reaching the Source.  And remember to keep your sense of humor.  After all, there’s plenty of the ridiculous to laugh at.


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