I have a Better Idea

I have a Better Idea

The world’s “elite” are again starting a major push for their agenda 21 which calls for 90% reduction of the world’s population.  I have a better, simpler and much more humane idea.  Let’s depopulate the planet of approximately 1% of the population; the so-called “elites” who have started every war in history and hoard the world’s wealth which they have stolen in order to fuel their perverted, excess-driven, pitiful, empty, worthless lifestyles.  Then the rest of us can finally LIVE IN FUCKING PEACE!


2 Responses to “I have a Better Idea”

  1. You’re the bravest chickenhawk I’ve ever read. Sincerely, though, love that you called for very polite mass murder. Please do not pretend you give a damn about peace or human rights.

  2. “Ben.” You’re the typical tribe member, defending the indefensible. The Global Cellulite cannot be bargained with. Take your “peace at any cost” philosophy and stick it. You are the problem, not the solution. “Human rights” is a politically correct little catch-all that tolerates the worst kind of crimes (usually by Israhell) while acting humanitarian. The people I’m referring to aren’t human, and apparently you aren’t either.

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