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NATO, er… I Mean, Chechens attack Russia

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Is There Another False Flag Event Coming In The Gulf?

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For the New World Order plan to succeed, the USA must be destroyed.  Not injured or crippled… Destroyed.   Read this article and links and see for yourself whether or not this is just a “conspiracy theory.”  An engineered quake along the New Madrid fault line could be devastating to the eastern and southern regions of the United States.  Interesting that Obama is in Hawaii for an extended vacation…

Father wrongly convicted of murder in UK after vaccines apparently kill his daughter

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The maiming and murder of our children by vaccines needs to stop now and all those guilty of these crimes need to have their day in court and their punishment.  There is almost nothing more foul than murdering children, unless it’s murder for profit.  The NWO’s population dumbing down/reduction agenda is in full swing, in case you didn’t notice.

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