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Here’s hoping this is just a rumor, but with the telephone outages in the Los Angeles area yesterday and airport groundings, you never know…


Is There Another False Flag Event Coming In The Gulf?

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For the New World Order plan to succeed, the USA must be destroyed.  Not injured or crippled… Destroyed.   Read this article and links and see for yourself whether or not this is just a “conspiracy theory.”  An engineered quake along the New Madrid fault line could be devastating to the eastern and southern regions of the United States.  Interesting that Obama is in Hawaii for an extended vacation…

Obama Regime Set For False Flag?

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Lots of speculation on the web concerning this story that a false flag could occur in D.C. with Congress closed down.  Also, if the Republican members of Congress are all on a military plane and it is shot down by an “Iranian sleeper cell” (wink wink) using a small surface to air missile, Obama could grab dictatorial powers under martial law and start the war his Israeli masters have been clamoring for and suppress all protests in the bargain!  That would certainly get rid of all those pesky “made up” scandals our poor Dear Leader has been suffering through.  Also, it’s a great way to cover the impending bankruptcy of the USA:  World War III with Russia and China!

Just some thoughts and, as always, I hope I’m way off…

The newest Israeli Mossad false flag, or 9/11 redux

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Well, here they go again with the same tired formula:  Attack America, blame muslims, then send the Mossad over to investigate it’s own crime.  This is the best they can come up with after plan A failed.  Either the Mossad is getting very sloppy or there are factions of the USG fighting against each other.  Feels like a coup in progress to me and it is my sincere belief that whatever comes of this, the War of Terror is being exposed as the complete scam it is and We the People are going to get our country back, looted and a little worse for wear, but ours once more.

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