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More Carnage From the World’s #1 Murderer

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The USA cannot sustain itself much longer under the weight of the debt incurred by a criminal government that has sold out to a foreign country’s interest at the cost of the interests of the USA’s own citizens. Things will continue to get worse and no one will really do anything until it’s too late… Or will they awaken and take their country back?

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Who did 911?

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Jewish bankers to start yet another war while Americans watch “Dancing with the Stars”

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Syria’s First Lady… Too Bad She Isn’t Ours

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This is a great article.  No wonder the US government and its Israeli masters want to destroy Syria.  The leaders actually care about the people and all religions get along there!  Quick, BOMB THEM!!!!!!

The newest Israeli Mossad false flag, or 9/11 redux

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Well, here they go again with the same tired formula:  Attack America, blame muslims, then send the Mossad over to investigate it’s own crime.  This is the best they can come up with after plan A failed.  Either the Mossad is getting very sloppy or there are factions of the USG fighting against each other.  Feels like a coup in progress to me and it is my sincere belief that whatever comes of this, the War of Terror is being exposed as the complete scam it is and We the People are going to get our country back, looted and a little worse for wear, but ours once more.

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